Beware of Counterfeit Catholicism

Our Catholic Faith has undergone many alterations in recent decades. You can almost say that there are different versions of the Catholic religion being observed around the Church. In other words, the enemies of the Faith who actively work for the devil could easily give you a counterfeit, a bad version, of the religion you cherish.

To prove this to you, here is a comparison of two versions of Catholicism.

Theme: The Eucharist

Genuine Catholicism: The Sacrifice of Christ.

Counterfeit Catholicism: A meal, an inclusive banquet.

Theme: Scripture

Genuine Catholicism: Love for readings that reinforce the foundation of the Faith: the Gospel, the epistles.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Obsession with the Old Testament, love for Psalms.

Theme: Sacramentals

Genuine Catholicism: Crucifixes, scapulars, medals.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Prayer shawls, menorahs.

Theme: Homilies

Genuine Catholicism: Themes that admonish or encourage faith, perseverance.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Themes that focus on afflictions and therefore curse lives.

Theme: Homilies

Genuine Catholicism: Oriented to the faithful to inspire and confirm in the faith.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Constantly look outward to flatter those that hate our God and his Mother.

Theme: Ideology

Genuine Catholicism: Focus on grace and sin, salvation and risk of damnation.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Covert or blatant marxism, political correctness.

Theme: Values

Genuine Catholicism: Humility seeking inherent potential of inequality to sanctify.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Equality at all costs.

Theme: Values

Genuine Catholicism: Humility that inspires meekness.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Confidence and daring.

Theme: Values

Genuine Catholicism: Humility before God.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Humility before dominating arrogant impostors.

Theme: Values

Genuine Catholicism: Obedience to the teachings of God presented by the Church.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Obedience to impostors.

Theme: Values

Genuine Catholicism: Fear of God.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Joy, mercy, freedom, conscience.

Theme: Charism

Genuine Catholicism: Discreet virtue.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Exhibitionism of counterfeit spiritual “gifts”.

Theme: Spiritual Goal

Genuine Catholicism: Personal sanctification.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Pharisaism, legalism leading to chains, enforcement of righteousness.

Theme: Spiritual Goal

Genuine Catholicism: Holiness.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Sacrilegious spiritism.

Theme: Prayer

Genuine Catholicism: Devotions, mostly inspired by the Saints.
Counterfeit Catholicism: Improvised prayers channeling impostor spirits.

Theme: Doctrine

Genuine Catholicism: All the precepts of the Catholic Faith, including: the Eucharist as a sacrifice, the divinity of Jesus, the Holy Trinity, the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Communion of Saints.

Counterfeit Catholicism: Doctrine replaced with superficial and political values: Mercy, joy, freedom, conscience, obedience, social justice, humility. Previous doctrine and veneration replaced with blasphemous ideas.

There is a lot to say about each of the themes. But I will spare you lengthy discussions. Feel free to contact me for detailed explanations about any of the above.

In conclusion, the devil does not mind us being Catholic as long as we worship him in a religion emptied of Jesus and of His teachings. The previous comparison should say one thing: beware! Be very cognizant of what version of Catholicism is being presented to you and reject the counterfeits.

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